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OMG I was blown away at how beautiful and detailed my Hogwarts Callenzy looks when it's finished! I love it when it lights up on my desk, it's SO magical! Thank you!- Sarrah

How its work?

How does it light up?


30 - Day Return

Bring the Hogwarts magic right to your desk!

Use this to delve deeper into the magical realm of Harry Potter well-crafted and distinctive memo pad. As you remove each sheet, the magnificent Hogwarts will be revealed thanks to its intricate 3D design.


The Hogwarts Callenzy comes in 2 versions:
Calendar version features a mixture of blank and dated
(weekly) sheets.

Notepad version features only blank sheets, for those who prefers it for purely note-taking only.

In addition, the memo notepad includes a pen holder, allowing you to conveniently store your pen (or wand)!

Give each day a special feel.

Carefully layered and long-lasting, each peel reveals a fascinating three-dimensional representation of Hogwarts, the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry.


Crafted with , this notepad includes 170 sheets , providing you with a delightful writing experience every time.


With every write, this notepad will take you into the magical realm of Harry Potter, whether you're writing spells, concocting potions, or just writing down your ideas.

Watch it unfold.

Give light to the world.

The magical school's lights are controlled by a straightforward switch at the base and are powered by just two button batteries (CR2032/3V).

Get ready to be enthralled with every movie and experience the cozy atmosphere of Hogwarts filling your home!

What is included in it?

4 The Hogwarts memo block and a gift box are included with every purchase

BUY NOW and receive a complimentary $17 acrylic display box to showcase your finished Hogwarts model. After a full year, your masterpiece can be kept in a prominent place on your desk and be your constant companion.

Offer expires shortly. Get yours right away!

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Bhanupriya Ramdour
Still awaiting my parcel.

I have not received anything so far. Neither a parcel tracking mechanism nor response for my mail.

Please respond!

Chyna Price


Sydni Hermann

I didn't open for being present, but it seems to have come all right

Monica Crooks

it was perfect can't wait to use it

Noah Medhurst

It came super fast to Switzerland, in less than 10 days. the quality is really good. it came separated in a box. the size is accurate.

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