Callenzy ™ Teahouse (sakura)


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LOVE LOVE LOVE! Be warned though... it's super addictive! I find myself peeling sheet after sheet. The pen holder is also genius. Thank you for creating such a cool companion for my desk!! ❤️- Zaman

How it works



30 - Day Return

Unveil a Masterpiece with Every Peel

Experience pure wonder with our memo block as it unveils a mesmerizing 3D sculpture, layer by layer, with every sheet you peel off.

There's a built-in pen holder too, making it super convenient to jot down your thoughts while you uncover the hidden beauty.
Our memo block is no ordinary notepad: it's a mesmerizing journey of discovery.

Artistry in Every Sheet

Say goodbye to plain old sticky notes! Our memo sheets come in tons unique patterns that'll make you stand out. 


But here's the coolest part – they're not just for writing, you can use them as placeholders or bookmarks too!

Where Creativity Meets Precision

Prepare to be astounded by the intricate details that set our memo block apart from ordinary papercraft, achieved through through cutting-edge laser technology. 


This isn't just stationery; it's a testament to the magic of craftsmanship and creativity in every peel.

How does it work?

Step 1.

Starting as a block, peel off each sheet carefully as you use them. Don't worry, the sculpture will not be damaged easily if handled with care.

Step 2.

Use your memo sheets for taking notes or leaving reminders. They can also be folded to be used as placeholders and bookmarks!

Step 3.

Enjoy your reward once the sculpture is finally revealed! But wait, it doesn't end there - place it in the protective acrylic box so it stays as your favorite desk companion.

Let there be light!

A simple switch at the base lets you control the lights of the house, powered by just 2 button batteries (CR2032/3V). 

Experience the warm glow with each flick and see scene come alive at night!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Alberta Hyatt

Excellent quality material.
It will only be difficult to endure 1 year to see the final result😊

Sammy Donnelly

I Can’t tell about the quality of the product because i gave them as gifts. But the main package looked good.

Carmen Botsford

Sparkdeal™ Teahouse (sakura)

Charley Metz

Good finish, very beautiful when it is with the light on. No page has yet been highlighted, but it seems to me easy. The lid is of good material and looks durable. I recommend the purchase.

Marley Johnson

I will describe the product. Duge Garno Whiglyadayou! In the sets of batteries. The wicked came in 21 days. Everything is good, everything is like it. My daughter.

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