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30 - Day Return

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Be warned though... it's super addictive! I find myself peeling sheet after sheet. The pen holder is also genius. Thank you for creating such a cool companion for my desk!! ❤️- Zaman

Experience the spellbinding charm of Diagon Alley on your desk!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Harry Potter through this finely crafted and distinctive memo notepad. 


Unveil the bustling Diagon Alley in all its intricate 3D glory as you gently peel away each sheet. The Calendar SparkDeal showcases an array of both blank and dated pages.

Make every day special.

Each peel uncovers intricate and durable layers, revealing a captivating 3D model of Diagon Alley, the wizarding world's hub for magical commerce.

Crafted with premium paper, this notepad includes 264 sheets, providing you with a delightful writing experience every time.

Whether you're jotting down spells, brewing potions, or simply expressing your thoughts, this notepad will transport you into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with every stroke of your

Watch it unfold.

Let there be light.

A simple switch at the base lets you control the lights of the magical school, powered by just 2 button batteries (CR2032/3V). 


Prepare to be captivated with each flick and see Diagon Alley come alive at night!

How does it work?

Step 1.

Starting as a block, peel off each sheet carefully as you use them. Don't worry, the sculpture will not be damaged easily if handled with care.

Step 2.

Use your memo sheets for taking notes or leaving reminders. They can also be folded to be used as placeholders and bookmarks!

Step 3.

Enjoy your reward once the sculpture is finally revealed! But wait, it doesn't end there - place it in the protective acrylic box so it stays as your favorite desk companion.

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Cassandre Boyer


Ottilie Hyatt

I didn't open for being present, but it seems to have come all right

Vivien Streich

it was perfect can't wait to use it

Kiana Kassulke

It came super fast to Switzerland, in less than 10 days. the quality is really good. it came separated in a box. the size is accurate.

Vivianne Kirlin

It came super fast to Switzerland, in less than 10 days. the quality is really good. it came separated in a box covered and protected.

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